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DIY Chicken First Aid Kit

A chicken first aid kit is a necessary addition once you decide to keep chickens. It is always best to prepare the kit ahead of time, so you have the supplies you need during a midnight emergency, rather than struggling to find the supplies you need or having to wait on shipping times. Many of these items are a one time purchase and don’t expire, and I consider them my insurance policy.

Vet bills can be very expensive, and delayed treatment can decimate an entire flock. Early diagnosis and treatment saves time and a lot money.

We have about 50 chickens. In the past several years we have treated predator attacks, bumblefoot, respiratory infections, mite and lice infestations, respiratory infections, tapeworms, sour crop, and cuts and bumps with only the items in this kit.

Backyard Chicken Health Guide:
Diagnosis & Treatment eBook

Be sure to pick up our eBook Backyard Chicken Health Guide: Diagnosis & Treatment eBook for information on the use and proper dosing of the items on this list.

Please note: All information posted on this website has been done so in good faith, however I am not a veterinarian. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet. Full disclaimer

Here is what is in my chicken first aid kit right now:

(Click the links to shop for the items listed)

Worm Treatments (Dewormers)

Wormer Deluxe Powder – water soluble dewormer. 10% Oxfendazole/ 10% Praziquantel that treats Roundworm, Hookworm, Caecal Worm, Tapeworm, and Threadworm.

Valbazen– treatment for tapeworms

Safeguard for goats, 10% suspension– treatment for tapeworms. Note: mix with feed or individual oral dosing only, not water soluble

Wazine- treatment for roundworms

Eye Problems

Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment– eye infections

Vetericyn Plus Antimicrobial Ophthalmic Gel– irritated eyes not due to infection

Trauma and Skin Wounds

4×4 sterile gauze– cover wounds

Gauze roll– bandaging to keep gauze covered and in place

Elasticon– secure bandaging and gauze

Vet Wrap– secure bandaging and gauze

Sterile saline flush– irrigate eyes or wounds to remove debris, no infection prevention

MicrocynAH– irrigate wounds to reduce infection

Medihoney– antibacterial honey ointment for wounds that accelerates healing

EMT gel– Collagen gel that seals and soothed minor wounds, promotes healing

Prid– natrual drawing salve for bumblefoot

Hen Healer– Blue tinted salve to treat minor skin injury

Rooster Booster Pick No More– blue tinted healing lotion to soothe skin irritation and prevent pecking

Suture kit

Betadine– sterilize wounds

Chlorhexidinedisinfectant and antiseptic for use on skin and to sterilize surgical equipment (for sutures or bumblefoot removal)

Scalpel– remove bumblefoot

Flour- stops bleeding. Note: use only on pin feathers, beaks and toenails

Aspirin- pain management

Infection & Disease

Duramycin-10 (Tetracycline)- water soluble broad spectrum antibiotic

Doxycycline– water soluble broad spectrum antibiotic

Liquamycin LA-200– broad spectrum antibiotic for respiratory and intestinal disease

Denagard– water soluble treatment for respiratory infections

Tylan 200- treatment for mycoplasmosis/chronic respiratory disease

Corid– treats coccidiosis

Acidified Copper Sulfate– Antimicrobial to sanitize waterers and a preventative, treatment for canker (trichomonosis) in chickens and blackhead (histomoniasis) in turkeys, and treat sour crop.

Vita King 5 in 1 or Medpet Factor 5– Treats coccidiosis, canker, respiratory and worms, plus vitamins, electrolytes and probiotics

Vitamin E oil, Vitamin B liquid and Selenium– treats wryneck

Lice and Mites

Permethrin 10% concentrate and 1 gallon pump sprayer– treats mites and lice on birds and in coop

Nu-Stock & toothbrush- treats scaly leg mites

Ivermectin– treats roundworms, scaly leg mites, as well as other mites and lice

Other Supplies

Backyard Poultry Health Guide: Diagnosis & Treatment eBook– Covers how to use all items on this list, as well as treat common poultry injuries, illness and disease

Puppy pads– use as a surgery or wound care surface, and to line hospital kennel

Spare kennel and bowls- serves as hospital

Syringes– 1ml, 5ml, 30ml

Curved Tip syringes– oral medication dosing

Needles- 25g x ⅝”, 25g x 1”

Sharps container– proper disposal of needles

Olive oil- Impacted crop or egg bound

Electrolyte Solution- My favorite is Rooster Booster Vitamins & Electrolytes with Lactobacillus

Rescue Remedy for pets– for calming birds during painful procedures

Nitrile Gloves

Kaytee Exact hand feeding formula– for tube feeding severely ill birds

16” Feeding Tube

Trauma shears– for removing bandages or feathers, reducing the risk of cutting bird

Treatment Record– logging bird treatment is always smart!

Storage Tote

Where to buy

Each items has been linked to where you can purchase online, simply click the items name to be directed to the respective site. If you need an item today, check your local farm supply first. Many of these items can be found at Big R, Tractor Supply, Rural King, or you local independent retailer. If you do not have success there, your neighborhood farm vet may stock these items. Otherwise, all of the items on this list can be found via these websites:

Additional resources

The Backyard Chicken Health Guide: Diagnosis & Treatment eBook is a must have for anyone with chickens.

Many of us don’t have a chicken vet, and trips to the vet can be very expensive. With this book, you will be able to confidently identify ailments and know exactly how to treat your sick chicken.

Updated for 2021, this detailed guide includes the most current information on medication options and treatments, sourced from veterinary textbooks and resources.  

What’s Inside:

  • 300+ pages of detailed information 
  • What to include in your Chicken First Aid Kit 
  • How to diagnose what’s wrong with your chicken
  • Detailed information on more than 50 illnesses, diseases, and ailments
  • How to prevent ailments before they start 
  • Where to buy hard to find medicines
  • 20+ medication options and dosages
  • Natural remedies with scientific backing
  • Printable resources

All of this is explained in a simple, easy to understand approach. The Backyard Chicken Health Guide: Diagnosis & Treatment eBook also includes links to helpful videos, additional resources, and information on how to contact Nicole with questions. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.