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Raise Healthy Chickens & Thriving Honey Bees In Your Backyard

Welcome to Heritage Acres Market and the Backyard Bounty podcast! I want to empower you to succeed in raising backyard chickens and beekeeping with easy to understand articles and expert interviews.

Whether you are just considering backyard chickens or honey bees, or you have had them for years, you’ll find the tools and skills needed to achieve the hobby farm you’ve been dreaming of.

Backyard Poultry

Whether it’s chickens, guinea fowl, quail, or other backyard poultry, many of your questions are answered here. Do you need the ULTIMATE list of what chickens can and cannot eat? Curious how many eggs a chicken lays each day? Or maybe you would like to know how and when to deworm chickens.


The wonderful world of beekeeping can raise many new issues. Are you looking for information on mixing syrup? The Bee Syrup Mixing Chart will help you easily feed your bees. Or maybe you’d like a Beekeeping Calendar? All this and more is available here.

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Hi! I’m Nicole

I love helping new and aspiring hobby farmers like you create the farmstead of your dreams, whether it’s in your urban backyard or rural sprawl, by sharing the best and most accurate information to help your hens & hives thrive!

Latest Posts

The Barnevelder Chicken: Striking Double Laced Feathers and a Friendly Nature

The Barnevelder chicken is a dual-purpose, winter egg-laying breed originating from the Netherlands. It features hens with beautiful double-laced feather patterns that lay brown eggs and have a friendly nature. Is the Barnevelder chicken right for your flock? Good layer of brown eggs, even throuought the winterAttractive double laced feather patternA hardy bird that does…

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Button Quail: Chinese Blue Painted or King Quail

There are less than 20 species of true Button quail worldwide. Because they are small ground-dwelling birds that rarely fly, they are challenging to spot. Exact numbers for each type are hard to judge and frequently remain unknown, but many are rare or endangered. Button Quails kept in the US as ornamental birds are not…

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Cayuga Duck: A Domesticated American Black Duck Breed

The Cayuga Duck breed is a beautiful variety of domesticated duck dating back to the 1800s. Their black feathers have a fantastic beetle green iridescent sheen that is something to behold on a sunny day. In this article, we will be finding out more about this lovely American heritage breed. Is the Cayuga Duck right…

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Salmon Faverolles Chickens: French Beauties Oh la la!

Salmon Faverolles chickens are a threatened heritage breed that originated in France. Their friendly, docile temperaments and good looks make them popular with backyard chicken keeper. As winter layers, they can be a valuable addition to a predominantly summer-laying flock. Is the Salmon Faverolles chicken right for your flock? Dual purpose breed can be used…

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Silkie Chicken: The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for a different kind of backyard chicken to join your flock? Or maybe you are just starting, and you want a sweet-natured breed for your first chicken. Silkie chickens not only have a unique appearance, but they also have cuddly personalities making them a favorite of many chicken keepers.  Is the Silkie…

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Meet Nicole

Nicole is very passionate about Heritage Acres Market and providing you with the best products and most reputable information. When she isn’t busy with her farm and business, she enjoys reading, coffee, expanding her knowledge with science, doing yoga, traveling, and learning.

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