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Nicole Gennetta outside

Hi! I’m Nicole

I love helping new and aspiring hobby farmers like you create the farmstead of your dreams, whether it’s in your urban backyard or rural sprawl, by sharing the best and most accurate information to help your hens & hives thrive!

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Where would you like to start?

Backyard Poultry

Whether it’s chickens, guinea fowl, quail, or other backyard poultry, many of your questions are answered here. Do you need the ULTIMATE list of what chickens can and cannot eat? Curious how many eggs a chicken lays each day? Or maybe you would like to know how and when to deworm chickens.


The wonderful world of beekeeping can raise many new issues. Are you looking for information on mixing syrup? The Bee Syrup Mixing Chart will help you easily feed your bees. Or maybe you’d like a Beekeeping Calendar? All this and more is available here.

Shop Our Store

Looking for our signature chicken waterer, organic kombucha scobys, or French guinea fowl? Take a look at the hobby farm treasures found in our store.

Nicole Gennetta outside

Meet Nicole

Nicole is very passionate about Heritage Acres Market and providing you with the best products and most reputable information. When she isn’t busy with her farm and business, she enjoys reading, coffee, expanding her knowledge with science, doing yoga, traveling, and learning.

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