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About Us

Heritage Acres was started in 2016 by Nicole Gennetta. It is a simple 2-acre backyard hobby farm in Pueblo West, Colorado that Nicole runs with her husband, Patrick.

They have a quaint peach orchard, charming garden, several beehives, a variety of flocks, and their Rottweiler, Honey.

Nicole and Patrick enjoy the hard work and satisfaction that comes from running their little piece of paradise. There is never a dull moment on the farm and at the end of the day, it’s always worth it.

Nicole Gennetta

Nicole Gennetta outside

Nicole is a Colorado native and an outdoor enthusiast. A retired firefighter/paramedic, Heritage Acres Market and her family are now her main focus. When not working on the farm, she enjoys creating new content for the blog and recording new episodes of the Backyard Bounty Podcast.

Nicole is also a Colorado Master Gardener, chicken enthusiast, and Master Beekeeper. You can read more about Nicole here.

The Flocks

They have a wide variety of fowl, including chickens, red golden pheasants, Coturnix quail, German owl pigeons, and French guinea fowl, Narragansett turkeys, and a peahen.

Honey Bees


Heritage Acres has several hives on their farm. The bees are all local swarms or splits. They chose not to follow most beekeepers’ path and purchase package bees from California. Heritage Acres believes that local bees are the ideal choice because they are acclimated to the climate.


The health of the bees is Nicole’s priority. She doesn’t keep more bees than the area can support. They always use bee-friendly practices such as foundationless frames that are replaced regularly to reduce pesticide build-up. The foundationless frames allow the bees to draw combs freely.

They never use synthetic chemicals to treat the bees for mites, and they only treat them when needed. They never overharvest honey and only feed if necessary.

Currently, they have Langstroth hives, a top bar, and a Flow Hive, with plans to add Warre Hives and AZ Hives in the near future.


In addition to taking care of the farm, Nicole provides reputable expert information through her blog, newsletter, social media community, and the Backyard Bounty Podcast. They also have an online shop where you can purchase a variety of hobby farm supplies and apparel.


Heritage Acres is a member of Colorado Proud, Pueblo County Beekeepers Association, Colorado State Beekeepers Association, and Guinea Fowl International

Heritage Acres Market LLC is Proud to Support

Scientific Beekeeping, Bee Friendly Farming


In addition to the blog, Heritage Acres Market offers a number of poultry and bee-related products via the Shop.

Heritage Acres Market is proud to be the only US distributor of the Columbus Aqua poultry watering nipple. These nipples are the ideal waterer for chickens, turkeys, quail, and most all other backyard poultry.

Columbus Aqua poultry nipples are the original horizontal nipple and made in Europe, while all other side mount poultry nipples are made in China.

side mount chicken nipple

Heritage Acres Cares

At Heritage Acres, they truly care! It is their goal to make this world a better place and to give back to the community. Here is a showcase of some of the ways Heritage Acres has upheld this philosophy:

  • November 2016– Donated 2 gift baskets to the Colorado Springs Christian Schools Buckles, Boots & BBQs fundraiser.
  • February 2017– Donated 2 dozen hatching eggs to CSU-P student for their Ornithology project
  • Spring 2017– Donated 2 dozen hatching eggs to a local preschool teacher for her classroom
  • September 2017-  Donated basket for fundraiser raffled at the Lebanon Valley Poultry Fanciers show
  • Winter 2017– Adopt-A-Roadway in Pueblo West, on McCulloch between Coral and Nichols
  • Winter 2017– Adopt-A-Highway, US Highway 50 mile marker 303-304
  • January 2018– Donated composting worms to the Colorado Master Gardeners (Pueblo branch).
  • January 2018– Donated gift basket to Swallows Charter Academy for their Prom Fundraiser.
  • April 2018- Donated 4 dozen hatching eggs to Desert Sage Elementary School in Pueblo West. Also donated a gift basket for a raffle to support victims of recent wildfires.

Do you have any comments or suggestions on ways to give back? If so, please contact us!

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