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Backyard Bounty Podcast

Welcome to the Backyard Bounty Podcast! Join Nicole and expert guests as they discuss various topics related to backyard hobby farms, chickens, beekeeping, gardening, and raising livestock.

Each week Nicole interviews an expert in their field to dive into a new and exciting topic. Past guests include Joel Salatin, Randy Oliver, Justin Rhodes, Dr. Merlin Tuttle, Joe Gardener, and more.

Meet Nicole

Nicole gennetta

Nicole Gennetta is the host of Backyard Bounty, and founder of

Nicole is a Colorado native and currently lives in Southern Colorado. She has been raising chickens off and on since she was a child, and started beekeeping in 2016.

After becoming a beekeeper, Nicole wanted to expand her knowledge and obtained her Master Beekeeping certificate from Cornell University in 2020.

When Nicole isn’t busy with her farm and sharing her expertise, she enjoys reading, coffee, doing yoga, traveling, and learning.

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Episode Archive

  1. Guinea Fowl- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  2. Living Soil, Regenerative Farming, and Cannabis ft. Tony Keady
  3. Best 2nd Date Location and Backyard Beekeeping Legalities ft. Drake Larson
  4. Homesteading with Disabilities and Keys to a Happy Marriage ft. Misty Meadows Homestead & Apiary
  5. Raising Sheep for Lamb & Wool ft. Cloverworks Farm
  6. Exploring Loose Leaf Teas ft Farmhouse Teas
  7. Basics of Essential Oils ft. Ashley Preedy
  8. Hobby Farm or Business? ft Brad Doss
  9. Raising Rabbits For Meat ft. Nomadic Chicks Homestead
  10. How To Raise Chickens on Pasture and Process Birds ft. Will Vogl
  11. Everything You Need To Know About Raising Mealworms ft. Wadudu Insect Center
  12. Dry Fly Genetic Hackle Chickens ft. Jesse Lerud
  13. Raising Quail 101 ft. The Urban Aviary
  14. Philanthropic Gardening and Hugelkultur Beds ft. Ramsgate Ranch
  15. Caring for Peafowl and Thoughts on Life ft. Douglas Buffington
  16. Bee Venom Therapy ft Deb Elder
  17. How To Make Kombucha ft. SoulyRested
  18. Raising Ducks on Pasture ft Flatlander Farm
  19. Dangers of Heat Lamps in the Chicken Coop and Safe Alternatives ft. Division Chief Davidson
  20. Colorado Master Gardener Program ft. Sherie Caffey
  21. Pasture Raised Eggs & The Truth About Egg Labels ft Sara’s Pick of the Coop
  22. Essential Oils For Chickens and Other Animals ft. Kerrie Hubbard of City Girl Farming
  23. The Great Ameraucana vs Easter Egger Debate Answered ft Neumann Farms
  24. How to Save Seeds ft Baker Creek Seeds
  25. How To Plan Your Garden ft. Seed To Fork
  26. Growing Olive Trees ft. Le Creole Farms
  27. Natural Beekeeping and Honey Bee Folklore ft. Ariella Daly
  28. Growing Hops ft Great Lakes Hops
  29. How To Compost ft Adrienne Jones
  30. Rewilding Bees To Preserve and Protect ft. Michael Joshin Thiele
  31. Small Space Gardening ft. Kevin from Epic Gardening
  32. Zero Waste Lifestyle ft. Alchemist Farm
  33. Controlling Odors and Pests around the Farm and Garden ft. First Saturday Lime
  34. Fermenting Chicken Feed ft. Scratch & Peck Feeds
  35. Planning a Backyard Garden ft. Gardenerd
  36. Native Bees ft. Crown Bees
  37. Rural Crisis Support ft. Colorado Department of Human Services
  38. Homesteading with Kids ft. Homestead Honey
  39. How To Make Your Own Tea Blend ft Farmhouse Teas
  40. Raising Emus ft. White House on the Hill
  41. How To Make Water Kefir ft Cultures for Health
  42. Organic Garden Pest Control ft Jill McSheehy
  43. How To Be Successful In Worm Composting ft Pauly Piccirillo of Worm Farming Revealed
  44. CPR In A Feed Store & Airport ft Nicole Kupchik
  45. Small Scale Food Manufacturing on the Farm ft Sarah of Freville Farm
  46. COVID-19 Resources for Farmers & Consumers, Food Labels Exposed And Animal Welfare Certifications ft Emily from A Greener World
  47. What Is Falconry ft Vahé of Falcon Force
  48. Healing Flower Essences ft Maxine Immelman
  49. Selective Breeding For Mite Resistant Queens ft Dr. Meghan Milbrath
  50. Most Important Steps To Growing A Healthy Garden ft Joe Gardener
  51. Tips, Tricks, and Common Mistakes In Beekeeping For Beginners ft Jeff Ott & Kim Flottum
  52. Incubating Peafowl Eggs & Raising Chicks ft Douglas Buffington
  53. Research Updates on Oxalic Acid For Bees & More ft Randy Oliver of Scientific Beekeeping
  54. How To Agriscape And Why Microclimates Matter When Gardening ft Justin Rohner
  55. Improving Honey Bee Health For Backyard Beekeepers and Varroa Mite Treatment ft Dr. Dennis van Engelsdorp
  56. Permaculture & Stories From The Homestead ft Rebekah And Justin Rhodes
  57. Livestock Guardian Dogs ft Renee of Mountain Woods Farm
  58. Flow Hive Co-Inventor Stu Anderson Talks Beekeeping History, Flow Hive Benefits & Common Complaints
  59. What is Colony Collapse Disorder ft Ben of the BIP Tech Team
  60. Varroa Mite Treatment Options For Honey Bees ft Mark Dykes of Bee Squad
  61. Key Features Of The Best DIY Chicken Coop ft Matt of Carolina Coops
  62. Tips For Self Publishing Books ft. Sandra Knauf
  63. Starting a Backyard Flower Farm ft Julie of Old Truck Flower Farm
  64. How To Raise Chickens ft Annette of Azure Farm
  65. How To Make Soap ft Angela of Axe & Root Homestead
  66. How to Make Maple Syrup ft Michelle of SoulyRested
  67. Harvesting Rainwater ft Brad Lancaster of Harvesting Rainwater for Drylands and Beyond
  68. The Best of Backyard Bounty Podcast Gardening Tips and Tricks
  69. How To Become A Beekeeper & The Denver Broncos ft Joe Komperda the “Average Joe Beekeeper”
  70. Sustainable Bison Ranching and the History of Bison Ft. Pierre of Bison Du Nord
  71. Foraging for Mushrooms and Other Wild Edible Plants Ft Orion of Forage Colorado
  72. Get to Know Nicole Gennetta, Your Backyard Bounty Host, with Patrick Gennetta
  73. Asian Giant Hornet ft. Cassie of Washington State Department of Agriculture
  74. Agritourism ft. Dana of Sugar Water Manor
  75. Information Overwhelm And The Beekeeping Beginner ft Charlotte of Carolina Honey Bees
  76. Growing Cranberries for the Ocean Spray Coop ft Amber Bristow
  77. Growing Popcorn and Garden Rules ft Farmer Fred Hoffman
  78. Fascinating Facts about Bats & How To Attract Them ft Dr. Merlin Tuttle
  79. Goat and Sheep Health ft Dr. Reid Redden
  80. Prevention and Management of Common Backyard Chicken Predators ft Dr. Matt Springer
  81. Growing Mushrooms at Home ft Josh & Megan of Megan’s Mushrooms
  82. Planting Habitat for Bees and Other Pollinators ft Dr. Marla Spivak
  83. The Basics Of Raising Goats ft Deborah of Thrifty Homesteader
  84. How To Make Money Homesteading and Homestead Animal Happiness ft Joel Salatin
  85. Growing Lavender ft Paola of Sage Creations Organic Farm
  86. Raising Pastured Pigs For The Homestead and Profit ft Chuck of Sheraton Park Farms
  87. How to Grow Microgreens from Start to Harvest ft Pamela of Sunshine Green’s Farm
  88. An Introduction to Raising Pheasants ft. Chris of MacFarlane Pheasants
  89. History of Beekeeping in North America ft. Dr. Tammy Horn Potter
  90. All Things Cast Iron ft. Stephen of Field Company
  91. Easy Food Preservation ft. Megan of The Creative Vegetable Gardener
  92. Common Backyard Chicken Questions Answered ft. Nicole from Backyard Bounty Podcast
  93. Coop Dreams Teaching Tuesday Interview ft Brad from Coop Dreams TV
  94. Queen Honey Bee Fertility Research ft Alison McAfee
  95. Herbalism Basics For Humans And Animals ft Heather from Herbal Academy
  96. How Do Pesticides Affect Honey Bees? Ft Reed Johnson Ph.D
  97. Soil Food Web and Soil Regeneration for Healthier Crops Ft. Dr. Elaine Ingham
  98. Plant Pathology and Powdery Mildew ft. David Gadoury of Cornell University
  99. The Surprisingly Fascinating Life Of Periodical Cicadas ft Dr. Gene Kritsky
  100. 7 Top Tips For Raising Backyard Chickens ft. Nicole from Backyard Bounty Podcast
  101. Easy Beginner Tips For Raising Ducks in Your Backyard ft. Liz from The Cape Coop
  102. Fixing The Broken Food System in our Backyard ft. Greg from The Urban Farm
  103. The 4 Principles of Soil Health ft. Tony of Columbia Center or Urban Agriculture
  104. Moonshine For Beginners ft. Russell of MoonshineStillPro

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