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Basics of Essential Oils ft. Ashley Preedy

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Show Notes

Join Nicole and Ashley Preedy as they talk about the many benefits of introducing essential oils into your home!

What You’ll Learn

  • How to use essential oils in your home
  • The different ways you can use essential oils, from topical use to diffusers and everything in between
  • Not all essential oils are made the same
  • The best way to get started using essential oils

Our Guest

For this episode we are joined by Ashley, an essential oil expert and wellness advocate who has been utilizing essential oils in her family since 2014.

Ashley started incorporating essential oils after the birth of her first child, as she wanted something effective and safe for her new baby. Today she uses oils with her entire family and loves sharing their benefits with others.

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    Announcer: Welcome to the Backyard Bounty Podcast, from, where we talk about all things backyard poultry, beekeeping, gardening, sustainable living and more. Now, here's your host, Nicole.

    Nicole: Thank you everybody for joining us for another episode of Backyard Bounty. I'm Nicole, and today we are joined by my friend Ashley who's here to tell us about essential oils and some of the different ways that we can incorporate them into our house and to our lifestyle. Ashley, thank you so much for joining us.

    Ashley: Thank you for having me. I'm super excited.

    Nicole: Yeah, I'm excited to have you on the show. We've been working together for a while now, but I have a deep rooted passion for essential oils, so I am pretty excited to share some of the benefits of essential oils with the listeners. You're kind of my essential oil expert. You hold all the secrets, so thank you for joining us.

    Ashley: Aw, that's nice of you to say.

    Nicole: Maybe you could tell us some of your background with essential oils and how you kind of got started with them.

    Ashley: Yeah, absolutely. I found essentially oils, gee, it's been about coming up on five and a half years ago. At that time I had one son. He was six months old, now he's five and a half, and I have another son, and I'm pregnant, so lots has happened since then. When he was just six months old, I was super afraid of everything germy and I didn't want him to get sick. I was kind of that classic textbook paranoid mom, first time mom. A friend invited me over to her home. She was having an essential oil class. At that time, I knew a little bit about essential oils just because my mom had used them for massage. Not a lot, just kind of here and there so I knew that they smelled good and I knew that they could be relaxing.

    Ashley: When I went to this class at my friend's house, first of all, I will tell you that I was super afraid to take my kid into a home full of women who were going to pinch his cheeks and kiss on him, but I did it anyway. I'm so thankful that I did. The woman teaching the class, she's one of my uplines now, she's absolutely fantastic. Just a wealth of information. She taught me so much about how I could be the primary giver of wellness to my family, and she handed me this big book. Back then it was the Modern Essentials book, and now I use the Essential Life book. Basically, those two resources just show hundreds of different wellness concerns and how you can use essential oils to support your body to work through those wellness concerns.

    Ashley: I was so excited, and I'm going to share the basic outline of the class, the same class that she taught me with you guys because I think it's just so important to have that foundational knowledge. Basically, I told my husband, I came home and excitedly told my husband about what I had learned and he kind of raised an eyebrow and asked me if I was going to start mixing potions. I said, "I guess so, and you're going to use them." He let me do my "crazy oil thing."

    Ashley: It just transformed the way my entire family approaches wellness and it has for so long now. Now we're all onboard, and maybe sometimes he'll still tease me, but today alone, he definitely told me to go get oils for him to use. I say if men will use them and children ask for them, you know they work, because those are two difficult audiences to convince of anything.

    Nicole: Definitely. I know that, just like you, when I started them, my husband asked me if I was getting into witchcraft and some Shaman in the forest that's going to be brewing potions. Now I think I order more oils for him than I do for myself.

    Ashley: Right. Yeah. They end up loving it. I can just kind of dig into the class if you would like me to?

    Nicole: Sure. Yeah.

    Ashley: Are you ready? Cool. Basically, there are a couple ways that you can approach your health and your wellness. For so long, people used natural remedies to heal themselves and help support their bodies. Then in very recent history modern medicine came on the scene, and I am a big fan of balance. I am a big fan of practicality and doing what needs to be done to have the best health you can have. I think western medicine has done many, many wonderful things. However, I think we've become so reliant on just medications to mask symptoms that's taken our society and kind of put us between a rock and a hard spot because it just becomes cyclical.

    Ashley: When we rely on the modern approach to medicine, man produces a medication. That medication addresses the symptoms that our body's exhibiting, but the root cause, the root need still remains. It's really just designed to manage symptoms, for the most part. These medications are made from isolated synthetic agents, and Hippocrates is the father of modern medicine. He saw all the good that plants could do. Modern day pharmaceuticals are formulated to mimic those benefits, like Ibuprofen is the synthetic recreation of the goodness of wintergreen. You can kind of see how that plays out and I would just rather go to the natural form instead of the synthetic form.

    Ashley: This modern approach brings with it side effects, both known and unknown. You'll hear a commercial for a medication, the commercial's probably five seconds, ten seconds of "Here's a medication. This is what it will do for you." Then the remainder of the 20 seconds of the commercial is filled with side effects that you don't want. They get pretty frightening. In ten years, who knows what kind of side effects we'll learn have come about from medications that are just being released now. We don't know what could happen in the future from the things that we're already taking.

    Ashley: You would think that if we as, globally we're spending $6.5 trillion dollars on healthcare, and you would think that if we are spending that much, people would be getting better, but that number just keeps going up and we keep getting sick. We don't really have a healthy societal lifestyle to show for that massive number. The natural approach is really what my family has just decided to go with, and 99.9% of the time, it works and we get what we need. The natural approach is nature produces these beautiful essential oils. The essential oils are natural, just like we're natural, so they address the root cause in our body and work together to meet the body's need, and then the body can support itself to be well.

    Ashley: We don't give our bodies enough credit for what they can do and how they can heal and just kind of our bodies intuitive nature to know what it needs and how it can be better. When we're really giving our body what it needs, it'll surprise you how that support can just bring healing. I'm not going to tell you to put an essential oil on and it will cure you like it's some sort of magic. It's just all about that giving your body the correct support. The oils are obviously extracted from plans, various parts of the plan, so the roots, stem, leaves, bark, flower. It can come from many parts of the plant. They're extracted to enhance physical and emotional health, which is really awesome. It's just that holistic approach.

    Ashley: While many of us have used essential oils for a physical need, how many of you have ... think about it, have you had peppermint tea to soothe a stomachache or ginger tea? It's great. It absolutely works. The oils are a lot more concentrated too. While it's meeting that physical need, it also meets emotional needs in our body, which we've really benefited from in my home. Then instead of side effects that you can worry about with modern medicine, we talk about the side benefits of essential oils, so maybe you're using peppermint essential oil for a stomachache. You're also getting energy support. You're opening your airways, and it gives you added benefit instead of curiosity about what might happen to harm you in the future.

    Ashley: Another thing I just absolutely love is that they're natural, effective and safe, and that's so important to me, because like I mentioned, I have a five year old, I have a four year old, and they are into everything. It's really important to me to have things in my home that I don't have to worry about them getting into. If they open a bottle of lavender and pour half of it on themselves, I'm going to just look forward to the great nap they're going to take instead of if they're getting into a bottle of sleeping pills or something, that would be a lot worse. That's really important to me.

    Ashley: When I got started, Jack was six months old, so his skin was very sensitive. There's so many medications that babies can't take and so many illnesses that babies can get that you can really not do a lot for in terms of a modern medical approach. Since the oils are natural and safe, you can use them for any age group. I used them while I was pregnant for so many things. I would hear other pregnant women complaining of ailments that they couldn't take a medication for. A really nasty cold hits while you're pregnant, and you're just miserable for a long time. Here I have these tools, and now in this pregnancy I know even more. They've just really set me up for success, and I know that when my newborn comes I'll be able to take care of her with these really safe products.

    Ashley: From day one, I'm going to feel really confident going into caring for my new baby, and that empowerment just, it's a game changer for a parent to be empowered to take care of their kids and have that hope. I think that's just a beautiful gift that we can have. That's why it's important for me to share these with other people because I can't imagine not having these gifts in my life, especially in times like these when we have the littles and going through pregnancy and all of that. That's really important to us.

    Ashley: A really cool thing about oils and just another avenue where that empowerment comes into play is the essential oils, they get into your bloodstream. We know that bacteria live in the bloodstream, and so the essential oils can effectively take care of that bacteria and clear it out. How many times have we been sick? I mean we as a whole, as a society we get sick and we go to the doctor's office or urgent care or sometimes the emergency room and we hear a doctor tell us, "There's nothing I can do for you. So sorry. Go home, rest, hydrate. You have a virus." Those medications aren't going to get to a virus, but essential oils can permeate the cell membrane and the cell wall and get into the cell and knock out that virus and really support your body and in flushing that out of your system.

    Ashley: In times where maybe before we would have gone to urgent care, now we can rest and hydrate on our own couch and use a beautiful blend of oils called On Guard which is our protective blend. It's very anti-viral, so it's going to help to support our body and flushing the virus out of our system. That's been really empowering to us, especially as parents to be able to take care of the kids. If my husband or I get sick, we don't want to drag along two screaming kids with us to go sit in a germy waiting room. It totally revamps your game when you're taking care of sickos in the family. So super helpful that way.

    Nicole: I know that I've been sick. I'm actually getting over it right now, and I've been using the On Guard, the oil and the drops, the cough drops. That's been really helping me get through this cold.

    Ashley: Yeah, absolutely. I love to do a little trick where you can just steam some water in a coffee cup or a bowl, add a drop of On Guard, a drop of Melaleuca, a drop of lemon and a drop of peppermint and just breathe that in kind of, steam your face in it and breathe it in real deep, and that really helps to clear the airways and flush out your system. Give that a try if you haven't already.

    Nicole: I will have to do that when I get home because I need that right now.

    Ashley: Yeah. Cool. Well these recommendations that I give, I really want to specify that they are for doTerra brand essential oils alone, and that's just because in a way, it appears that essential oils have become very trendy. You log onto Pinterest and they're all over. While they're trendy in the moment, essential oils have been used for thousands and thousands of years for wellness, but it seems that a lot of people are kind of coming around to the fact that oh people want these. You can get essential oils at your Whole Foods. You can get oils at Walmart even. The craziest place I've seen them is Best Buy have a line of essential oils.

    Nicole: Wow.

    Ashley: Just grab a gaming system and a little box of oils I guess. It's really important to be cautious of these what they're calling oils on the market, because oftentimes they're $5 for a bottle of oil and you'll see things written on the label like, "Caution. For aromatic use only. Do not use externally. Do not use internally." Topically is what I mean by externally there, but that should really raise a red flag. What's in this bottle if I cannot ... if it says it's a bottle of lemon but it says I can't put it on my body or in my body, there's something else in there.

    Ashley: Oftentimes, they'll put a little bit of an oil in and then top the rest off with a synthetic recreation of that aroma to mimic the smell. They can add in fillers, which is just chock full of chemicals and you don't know what you're putting in your body. Nobody wants to run that risk, especially if you're using them for health purposes. I also see a lot of people, they think, "Oh I'm going to use lavender to relax," so they pick up a bottle of lavender at natural grocers or something and bring it home and it's not working. It actually gives them a headache, and I have to ask them, "Well have you looked at the caution on the label. What else is in that bottle, because it's not helping you, it's hurting you."

    Ashley: There's a lot of synthetic grade oils on the market. There's some food grade oils. Those are going to be things that you cook with, but they're not really designed to give you benefit to your wellness. There's therapeutic grade oils, which is what you'll find often if you go get a massage. They can be relaxing, but again, they can have those fillers and be unregulated, so you still don't know exactly what's going in your body. doTerra's oils are certified pure therapeutic grade oils, and they have just been tested. They are tested stringently by third parties, and if there is any sort of contaminant, even if it's a pesticide blown in from a field three miles down the road, but it shows up in the testing of that oil, they throw out the batch, which is important.

    Ashley: I need to know that if I'm using oils on my newborn for colic or for thrush or something like that, I need to know that it's pure oil and I'm not giving my new baby anything harmful. I've actually seen doTerra take an oil off the market for a period of time until they can get a batch that is of that quality that they want to give to their people. It's really important to take care of the company when, gee, there's over I think seven billion wellness advocates worldwide now. That's a lot of people to keep up with oil-wise, and then a lot of people to take care of. They really take that responsibility really seriously.

    Ashley: I will say that there are other companies, I won't name names, that will assert that they have full control of the fields where they get their oils, which means that a lot of their oils are grown in the U.S. It's just really important to get oils from the area where they grow best. doTerra really focuses on getting these oils from where they grow indigenously and really working with people in that area to ... A lot of these people have had these farms in their family for decades, and so it's the family business to harvest this oil. doTerra loves to come in and pay a fair sustainable wage through what's called co-impact sourcing to these farms.

    Ashley: There's not doTerra governed farms all over the U.S. to source these. It's more like doTerra's working with farmers around the world to get the best oil. Of course these oils are all tested and the quality is ensured, but it's a really beautiful way that doTerra supports farmers who have been really taken advantage of in the past where maybe they're paid bottom dollar for their oil. The co-impact sourcing is a beautiful reason why I choose doTerra.

    Nicole: Not only that, but a plant that's sourced in its native environment is going to be better than something that's grown in a warehouse or something, or not a warehouse, but a greenhouse where it's not necessarily meant to grow.

    Ashley: Absolutely. You, and I'm sure all your listeners, those are things that you guys know because you're doing it. You have plants and you know what you can plant in your backyard and what you can't plant. Frankincense trees are grown in Somalia, and while that's a hot and dry climate, they still aren't going to do well in Pueblo, Colorado. We don't have a way to grow Frankincense trees and harvest the resin here. It's really important to get it where it's from. I was actually in Haiti last year and I got to see firsthand the kind of poverty that they experience there, and that's actually where we harvest our Vetiver oil from.

    Ashley: Vetiver oil is from the root of this big green leafy bush. They have to pull up the plan and clean off the root and harvest it that way, but doTerra went in with co-impact sourcing to check out the farm and the fields where this Vetiver was growing and they realized that these people did not have access to clean water in the fields, so they would have to go out and if they ran out of water that they were carrying with them, that's just tough luck. They had to just bear with that for the rest of the day or walk back. doTerra really said, "That's not okay," and went to dig water wells in the fields so that they would have access to water.

    Ashley: It's a beautiful thing to take care of your fellow human, and I think doTerra really does that so well. In addition to co-impact sourcing, doTerra has a charity foundation called The Healing Hands Foundation where they take donations from the wellness advocates. We all have the option to add a dollar to our order every month or however many dollars we would like to add. They do just really amazing things with that, like micro lending, micro loans in countries where there's just a lot of poverty and helps people get back up on their feet and they do a lot of really cool things. That's a big part of why I'm so drawn to doTerra.

    Ashley: The quality is there, the love for people is there, the responsibility is there. That's a company I can get behind for sure.

    Nicole: Definitely.

    Ashley: Yeah. There are a few different ways that you can use essential oils. I know we talked about aromatic use with your little cold remedy that you're going to try later with your steaming water and oils. You can breathe in oils. It's a great way to open the airways. You can use a diffuser. That's just a way to get small spurts of oil into the air over an extended period of time. You can freshen the air that way. It's a great way to boost mood. You breathe in an oil, it hits that old factory bulb. It really works with your limbic system and supports mental and emotional health.

    Ashley: That's a really important thing to me. I live with OCD, so it's really important to me to have strong mental health. I use essential oils in addition to the therapy that is recommended for OCD and that I would not trade my oils for the world. It's really important. Mood and mental support is a great way to ... or is a great benefit from aromatic use.

    Nicole: I'm actually diffusing the Motivate right now because with being sick, I'm feeling a little worn out and this has been helping me kind of stay engaged and get some of my to-do list done today.

    Ashley: That is hilarious that you say that because when I sat down with my computer to record, I rolled Motivate onto my wrist with the Motivate Touch. It's just a good one. It makes you feel ready to take on the world, doesn't it?

    Nicole: Absolutely. It does. It's one of my favorites.

    Ashley: Yeah. I am here with my boys today. They're usually I daycare, but I'm recording over the computer instead of face to face with Nicole, so I really miss her, but it can be draining to have the kids home, so sometimes I need a little extra Motivate.

    Nicole: Oh sure. When coffee doesn't help.

    Ashley: I know. It's all good. That takes me to my next application is topical use. You can just slime an oil right on you, like I do with Motivate, and feel good. I actually put that one on my wrists so I can just kind of breathe it in. A great way to use oils topically is to put them on the bottoms of your feet. Reflexology will work to pull that oil up into the part of the body where you need it most. The nerves in our body are connected to certain points, so like the bottoms of our feet, the palms of our hands, and all over on the inside of your ear are great reflexology points.

    Ashley: You can use oils that way to get it to the rest of the body. It's great when my kids are screaming and I don't know why. Something hurts or they're just upset, they're just having a bad day, I can grab Frankincense oil, which is my go-to. It's the Swiss army knife of oil. When in doubt, use Frankincense they say. I'll just put Frankincense on the bottoms of their feet, and I know it's going to support whatever they're going through.

    Ashley: You can also use oils topically right in the area where you need it. I had some first trimester nausea. I put peppermint right on my stomach, ginger I actually put on a reflexology point in my ear and that works wonders for me. If I have a headache, I can put an oil on the back of my neck or on my temples, and just really supports that area of the body. Then like I said earlier, I only recommend the doTerra brand oils but you can use these oils internally. You can put oils in your water. I like to put lemon in my water to just keep me hydrated because water's pretty boring to drink by itself, I think, so I like to add a little bit of flavor. It also helps to lightly detox your body, which is great.

    Ashley: We're all taking in so many toxins that we're not even aware of on a daily basis, even if we're living a really clean life. Just breathing air, we're getting toxins. I like to drink a citrus oil, and be sure if you do that to drink out of stainless or glass. Never plastic because when you put that citrus oil in a plastic cup, it's also going to detox the plastic and then you're going to be drinking petrochemicals, so we don't want that. You can also put the oils in a little veggie cup and make your own little pill that way. A way that I use that is if I feel like I need an antibiotic and I know my body needs that sort of heavy hitting support, I use a combination of oregano and melaleuca together, and those two really know how to go after bacteria and after viruses and break things down.

    Ashley: I'll use those two in a capsule because oregano is very, very hot and I rarely use it. I mean I would never drop it into my mouth and drink it that way.

    Nicole: By hot, it burns when you put it on your skin. I made that mistake.

    Ashley: Have you? Oh no. Yeah, if you use it topically, you would just want to dilute very heavily, and I have used it topically on my kids even. The way I do that is I get a roller bottle. A roller bottle, I think it holds like ten milliliters of fluid, so I'll just put like five drops of melaleuca and two drops of oregano and fill the rest up with fractionated coconut oil and roll that onto the bottoms of their feet or down their spine, and it works that way, and I know it's diluted enough for their sensitive skin. Absolutely, we can use it internally with a capsule.

    Ashley: A lot of people just drop other oils like right under their tongue like Frankincense is a really powerful oil for cellular health, so many people just drop it under their tongue on a daily basis. I tend to like to use things topically but it's just really whatever you prefer in that way. You're getting your oils internally when you take your On Guard throat lozenge. I need one right now. You can kind of tell, my throat is scratchy. I'm not sick, I just get this way when I talk.

    Nicole: Oh no.

    Ashley: Yeah.

    Nicole: I know, I like to use the capsules. Recently I was diagnosed with a thyroid issue, so I've struggled with my weight and I've used the Slim and Sassy to help support some weight loss. I personally am not a huge fan of the way it tastes, so I like to use the capsules and then I don't have to drink it in the water. I know a lot of people like it, but it's not for me personally.

    Ashley: Yeah. I do. I love to drink it in my water, but that's the beauty of all of the different ways to use it, right? Nobody has to do something that they don't want to do, which is great. Makes it a lot easier than trying to choke something down if you don't prefer it.

    Nicole: Yes.

    Ashley: Yeah. I mentioned, we talked a lot about On Guard. We mentioned melaleuca and oregano. What else have we talked about? We've talked a great deal about peppermint. I will tell you some of my favorites are lemon, lavender and peppermint together. These three are really a powerhouse for seasonal health. When spring comes around, we get allergies. I'm sitting in front of a window right now and watching the wind go crazy, and I just know that people are out there sneezing and feeling miserable. I really like to combine lemon, lavender and peppermint.

    Ashley: Lavender is a natural antihistamine and peppermint opens your airways. Lemon will help clear up mucous, and then if there's anything kind of brewing virally, it has a lot of antiviral support for your body. Those three together doTerra makes as a capsule called TriEase, and my husband always has a bottle of TriEase on him, or you can just mix them up together and use them that way, but those are really important to have on hand.

    Ashley: Another one is Breathe, our respiratory blend. I love to just put a drop in my hand, rub my palms together and breathe it in, kind of make a personal inhaler. Then DigestZen is our digestive blend. I used that so much during my first trimester. Any time you have digestive discomfort, you can use that to bring balance. A lot of our synthetic medications on the market for any digestive issues are going to force the issue one way or another, right? If you're in the bathroom all day, you might take something and it might stop you up, or vice versa. It's just they're not designed to bring balance, they're designed to mask a symptom.

    Ashley: The DigestZen really gives you the benefit of balancing your system instead and not having a different mess to deal with later. Those are a lot of my favorites. I just can't say enough about Frankincense though. It actually can go past the blood brain barrier. My kid today, he fell off the swing and I heard his head hit the concrete.

    Nicole: Oh no.

    Ashley: I know. It's just heartbreaking as a mom, but with two boys, they're going to hit their heads. I love having Frankincense on hand. I just put it right where I figured a bump would be, and I know that he's getting that great brain support and he's back on his feet and ready to go play outside again like kids do. I feel good knowing that I supported him in that way. It's probably one of my favorite mama empowerment oils is Frankincense.

    Nicole: Yeah, it seems to be used for just about everything.

    Ashley: Yeah, absolutely. These oils have been so great for my family and I know that you guys have really loved them too. It's just, it's super easy to get started with doTerra. If anybody is interested, I know that Nicole is just a fantastic resource for questions. I'm always available for questions as well, so bring on your wellness concerns and we can match an oil to you.

    Nicole: Yeah. I'll put a link to our little essential oil page in the description so that anybody that has any questions, they can send us an email so it's routed to the correct way instead of just our generic podcast email too.

    Ashley: Perfect. I would also be amiss if I didn't mention doTerra's vitamins and supplements. I take doTerra's vitamins. There's a lifelong vitality pack. It has a food nutrient complex, has a cellular vitality complex and an omega complex, and those three come in a pack. You can also get a daily nutrient pack that just has the food nutrient and the omega. That's what I take, and that's my prenatal. It has folate in it. You're getting all of the good fatty acids that you need during pregnancy from the omega. The omega actually has nine essential oils added in it that you would want for wellness every day but maybe you don't want to open nine bottles and close nine bottles to get them. So they're right there in the omega.

    Ashley: There's also a great probiotic. I take the probiotic, and then there's a natural digestive enzyme called TerraZyme and I take that a few times a day with meals. That vitamin pack, the probiotic, the digestive enzymes, they make me feel so much better. If I don't take them, I can totally tell and I definitely remember to take them again after that. The vitamins are actually the number selling product of the company, which is kind of crazy in an oil company, but they're just that good. They're designed to work with a healthy diet, so they're not giving you an exorbitant amount of a nutrient that your body can't process and then it builds up in your bloodstream. It's just going to give you the correct amount so that your body can process it efficiently and effectively, which is great. It's very different than what's on the market right now.

    Nicole: Yeah. People that want to get into oils and start incorporating them into their life, I know that doTerra has the two different options where they can either just order them or kind of share them with others. Can you elaborate on that a little bit?

    Ashley: Yeah, totally. So many of our wellness advocates are just people who are using oils for them and their family, and that's perfectly fine. Some of us have decided to kind of share the love and get the word out, and be resources for people who want to know more. That's definitely the route that I have chosen, and I am super thankful for the opportunity because it's just so fulfilling to me to be able to share oils with people and see the hope in their eyes when they realize, "Oh this wellness concern I've had for ten years, I can do something about it from my home? Sign me up."

    Ashley: I've definitely chosen the route of sharing oils. Anybody can do it. It's really simple. You can host a class in your home or via the computer, share a sample and then you're an oil sharer. Boom. It's really easy to do that way. There is a beautiful business opportunity that come along with it, and it's great to be able to support my family in their wellness and financially while supporting other peoples families with their wellness. It's just really fulfilling. Any option, any route you go down, it's great.

    Nicole: If somebody wants to order oils, feel free to send me an email or get a hold of me, and we can sign you up whether or not you just want to use it for yourself or if it's something that you'd like to share with others, which kind of just seems to happen organically because you talk about them at work or whatever, and then people tend to get interested. It's really easy to share with other people.

    Ashley: Right. A lot of people share into sharing and business building accidentally because suddenly they've been sneezing for five days and now they're not sneezing anymore, and the people around them want to know why. They want some, so it's just, it happens organically, which is awesome.

    Nicole: Yeah.

    Ashley: I also have an Instagram page for oils that you're welcome to check into. @preedy.oily, Preedy as in my last name. You can stop in there. I post tips daily, so that's kind of fun.

    Nicole: Yeah, I know that I've seen you on there as well, and I'm not the best at sharing the oils on our Instagram page, so if somebody wants tips for essential oils, I would definitely recommend that they check out you, and I'll put a link in the description too so that people don't have to worry about trying to spell your name.

    Ashley: Cool. That works.

    Nicole: Yeah. I think that essential oils are super amazing and I wanted to kind of share them with everybody. You know a lot about the, more about them than I do. I'm still in essential oil kindergarten, so I appreciate you sharing and kind of giving people an outline and an overview of the essential oil world.

    Ashley: Of course. I'm always happy to do that.

    Nicole: Awesome. Well thank you Ashley for again taking the time to join us. We'll put all the links to everything in the description. If you have any questions about the essential oils, either get a hold of me or send Ashley a message through Instagram and we're happy to answer them. Thank you again. I really appreciate it.

    Ashley: Awesome. Thanks so much.

    Nicole: Thank you for listening to Backyard Bounty and be sure to check in with us again next week for another new episode.

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.