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Healing Flower Essences ft Maxine Immelman

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Show Notes

Join Nicole and Maxine Immelman of Alive Holistic as they talk about healing the body from within with flower essences.

What You’ll Learn

  • What are flower essences
  • How do flower essences heal
  • How are flower essences different than essential oils
  • How to reduce toxins in your life
  • How Maxine can provide personal guidance

Our Guest

Maxine left the corporate world at 37 to pursue a more meaningful life in holistic healing and herbalism. After obtaining her Advanced Master Herbalist diploma, she continued her studies, including Reiki, Aromatherapy, medical cannabis, holistic dog health, etc..

Passionate about teaching and helping others, Maxine has written a number of books and has helped clients from 2 to 82 live a healthier life.

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    Announcer: 0:01

    Welcome to the Backyard Bounty Podcast from where we talk about all things backyard poultry, beekeeping, gardening, sustainable living, and more. And now here's your host, Nicole.

    Nicole: 0:17

    Hello, everybody. And thank you for joining us for another episode of Backyard Bounty. I'm your host, Nicole. And today we're joined by Maxine Immelmann with Alive Holistic Healing. And today we're going to talk about some hidden secrets and ways that plants can heal that most of us might not know about. So, Maxine, thank you so much for joining me today.

    Maxine: 0:36

    Thank you, Nicole, thank you very much for having me.

    Nicole: 0:39

    Absolutely. So you have quite the history in natural healing. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

    Maxine: 0:46

    Well, I'm always studying something. I'm qualified as an advanced master herbalist, and naturopath. But I've studied all aspects of holistic healing from Reiki, psychotropic plants, I'm a master of marijuana, and so, the list is quite long. But yes, I never stop studying.

    Nicole: 1:05

    That's great. I'm one of those people too, that has a passion for learning, which is why I enjoy talking to people like you that have backgrounds and stuff that I have not learned about myself.

    Maxine: 1:15

    It's what you have to do. My mama was used to say, if you don't learn something every day, your day was wasted.

    Nicole: 1:25

    So one thing that I thought was really interesting that you have a lot of background on is ways that we can use plants to heal. And you know, there's such a movement today with, you know, essential oils and things like that. But there's actually more to it than than just using the essential oils. And that's what we could talk about today.

    Maxine: 1:47

    Yes, I think we've all forgotten about nature, and we were all created perfectly. Our bodies were also created to heal ourselves naturally. And unfortunately, through all the years, we've actually forgotten how that works. And just to go back to the basics, and to just rediscover everything about plants, and everything around us, everything is energy. So if we can just go back to that, we can actually just be balanced and healthy.

    Nicole: 2:16

    And what's the best way then to go about that? How do we receive? How do we get to that point of good energy and equity?

    Maxine: 2:24

    Okay, I think the first thing to remember is that everything in the universe is energy. So everything vibrates at a certain frequency. And if you understand disease, and if you break it up into dis-ease, that's actually what's happening in your body, your body is out of balance, if you can keep everything in balance, you will be healthy. Okay, so that's the first thing to remember. Second of all, everything vibrates. So if you are diseased, your cells are actually vibrating at a lower frequency, and your cancer cells, any disease that you have, will vibrate at a lower frequency. So if you can lift that frequency in a natural way, you will actually start healing. Does that make sense?

    Nicole: 3:07

    It does, I would imagine that this concept of things vibrating and this energy might be a little more than some people would be willing to, to accept, have there been like scientific studies or, or other, you know, documents and experiments that have shown this sort of stuff?

    Maxine: 3:28

    Quite a few, quite a few. I don't want to go to too technical, but I'm going to give you an example of water, and we don't get snow but I know you guys do get snow. And you can actually freeze emotions if you playing music, around water. And I've actually recorded that in pictures and photographs. And every emotion will have a different pattern in it. It's like snowflakes being individualized. So if somebody was crying or tears for instance, if you were crying your tears were from from being sad, it will actually have a different pattern than if you're crying from happiness. And there are so many studies on that but I'm not going to go into that because I can go back thousands and thousands of years. You can also look at the Bach remedies as people should be familiar with the Bach remedies and Bach was not the first person to heal with energy medicine, but he was the first doctor to actually record it and to actually be recognized that it actually did have a valid thing and the Bach remedies are still sold internationally today still, and and he actually focuses on the flower essences. So the flower essences are basically the energy from the plants that are used to heal on a much deeper level. Maybe I can also explain it like this if you've got an emotional problem. And let's say you've got depression or something's really a deep rooted problem that's been coming maybe through all your years and families through their hereditary line as well, you can actually heal that problem. I want to give you an example, I started taking fig essences to get rid of deep rooted issues that were blocks in in certain areas of my my body, specifically for fertility. So I took the fig essences, and I've always had a terrible fear of heights, I can't even climb into a table. I really, I can't do that. And being an herbalist, I hang up all my herbs to dry in a hangar. And to get to the top, I have to climb, onto installations, and I couldn't do that. So I always had to get my husband to climb up, hang them up. And then when the harvest is ready to take them down, and probably are two weeks after I started taking the fig essence. And he was busy with something and I got impatient. And I decided I you know, I just climbed up. And when I got to the top and I looked down, I realized I was right at the top, and probably about three meters high with absolutely no fear. And that's just from taking everything from the root cause and actually solving that.

    Nicole: 6:08

    So not I'm not saying that I disagree with you. I'm just just trying to get the full, full picture. How would this could this be maybe explained as like a placebo effect? Or how would the fig essence encourage this change of behavior?

    Maxine: 6:25

    Every flower has a different frequency that it vibrates that maybe I can explain it to you the two books that I wrote. The one is "The Healing Garden", where I speak about the biochemical changes. So that is the normal way that you would think of taking herbs or plants. In other words, you will make a tea with it or you will make an appointment to fuse topically. I've also included recipes that you can put in your culinary dishes to eat. Let me read about the daisy, now. Daisies are just pretty flowers and the hippies like them. But it's much more than that. You actually can treat coughs and bronchitis daisies is very good for your liver and your kidneys. It will treat inflammation and it will purify your blood. And you can also apply directly to your skin for wounds and skin diseases. So you can make Daisy washes, you can cook Daisy greens with baby Beet root, etc. So I've got all the recipes in there. But if you look on the other side of Daisy, if I go to the other books that I wrote on flower essences, that was specifically correlates with a book. So all that the flowers and the plants that are discussed in that book are replicated in another book called "Flower Essences". Now I'm going to read directly from there: "...and daisies are calming and centering. This essence eases overwhelm and offers protection, it helps us see clearly and opens compassionate communication with self and others. And it serves as a mandala to the soul. It has the ability to organize the fragmentation of ideas and thoughts helping the individual to live within the framework of elastic and focus thinking and creating." So this is excellent for students and writers and creative visionaries who wish to manifest their dreams into physical reality. So you can use your Daisy in any way that you want. The big difference between the biochemical use, which is the normal is that ingesting it. And then using the essences is that when you use it internally, obviously you will have safety warnings, you won't be able to use herbs, with a normal allopathic medications, it will either increase that effect of the of the medication, or it will completely cancel it out. And if you create that you also have to be very careful of what you ingest. With flower essences doesn't make any biochemical change. And it actually it's safe for pregnant women, it's safe for newborn babies. And if babies are screaming and scared, and if they can't sleep at night, if they wetting their bed, anybody can use this, because it physically works on cell level, and it starts raising your vibrations into a different place. I know this is a lot to take in, in one sentence. It's actually amazing. And when I treat my patients, it doesn't matter what the issue is. Now I do a root cause analysis. So ask them a lot of questions by doing international consultations as well. And I like to ask a lot of questions and I see the whole picture. So it will be your eating habits, the medications that you're on. Because when you taking a medication, and I don't want to knock doctors, but they usually treat the symptom. So if I have a headache, I'll take a headache pill. But there can be 100 different causes for my headache. And just by finding that root cause what it actually is you can eliminate that problem completely. So when you look at it holistically you go to the root cause and when I start looking at that I'll always give them a bottle of joyfulness and this is a bottle of essences that are make which starts lifting the vibrations on the disease cells as well. And it actually speeds up the healing, no matter what the problem is. So always give them a little bottle of joyfulness with it. And then I will go through the protocol of how we're going to treat whatever the problem is. And everybody's quite happy because we're treating the root cause and not the symptom.

    Nicole: 10:21

    Yeah, I would definitely agree with you on that statement. I'm kind of torn between these two worlds in my past experience as a, as a paramedic, and, you know, traditional medicine, with emergency medicine being different. I never liked that doctors would just give you stuff to cover up the issue. And then as a paramedic, I'd see these people that are on this whole list of medications, because this hurts, so they give them this med and, and this doesn't work, right. So they give them this medication, and instead of actually fixing the root cause. So I actually drive about two hours to my own personal doctor lives out of town, but she, she's a licensed physician, but she focuses on fixing the problem by combining both Eastern and Western medicine. So I definitely encourage people that live somewhere near those resources or reach out to you and, and fix the problem. Don't just mask it. So what is the difference between flower essence and essential oils?

    Maxine: 11:21

    Okay, essential oil is where they actually distill the oils out of the plant. In other words, it will still have a biochemical effect on you. It's very concentrated. And it's not safe when you use for instance, lemon or orange, any of the citrus oils, you can't go into the sun, it will have a reaction in the sun. You also can't use essential oils on babies, or and you can't to some of them when you're pregnant, because it actually stimulate the uterus to contract so you might miscarry. So all of those things have to be used with a lot of knowledge, where essences are completely completely safe to use, anybody can use it. And the way you take them, you can either take a drop under your tongue, and I like putting two drops in a glass of water. And I'll just sip through it, you know until the glass is finished. Or you can actually do a room spray. So when I go do talks, I've got a room spray that will lift everybody's mood, and I know I'm going to get interaction, I just spray the room. And even before the people come into the room, and the interaction I was at at a cervical society about a month and a half ago. And when I left a lady came up to me, she said to me, I've never seen people interact like that. And you sold all your books. I've never seen them buy anything before. And just by lifting the vibrations, and you're changing the mood. There's already a difference. And it's safe for everything. You there's absolutely no side effects to flower essences.

    Nicole: 12:48

    So that the essence is then capturing that plants vibrations.

    Maxine: 12:53

    Yes, yes, and everyone is unique. And I can maybe give you another example. Everybody usually understands ginger, and basil, and all those things, I want to look at things that people don't know about any circle. If we're going to use it, let's look at the benefits, the biochemical benefits. If you've got any digestive disorders, honeysuckle is fantastic. And inflammation of the smaller taste time. If you've got dysentery of respiratory tract infections, like colds and flu, and all of that, it's good for fevers and boils, headaches, diabetes, you can even treat cancer with it. Obviously, you won't treat cancer, just with that it will be part of a protocol. And it can also act as a laxative. And it helps with itchy skin. And for nausea, not only ginger. But if you look at the essence, honeysuckle, it's, for instance, great for people who are immigrating to a new country, or even if you're moving from one suburb to another. So it's that nostalgia, an emotional attachment that you have to the past that it will actually deal with it so, you're not so scared anymore. So if I try and explain this to people, and it's not very easy in a short space of time, but, try and explain this is that your as a holistic being and your health is holistic you need to look at your emotional side as well. So if your cells start vibrating at a higher frequency, you'll obviously be happier. You won't have anxiety anymore, and your diseases will also start healing quicker. So the emotional side is the essences. I have a husband who can't... he's very indecisive. He can never make up his mind. And he doesn't even know this but I would spray Jacaranda in the room. And then after half an hour I'd come on, okay, now he's made up his mind. He knows now what he wants to do. And if you don't believe me, I mean he doesn't know about this. And he knows that I use essences and everything at but this time of year is extremely busy for him. And he struggles to focus he finishes work, and I've got a room spray for the office and in the mornings. Before he gets up. I'll just spray the room and he'll get up calmly, and will start working without any issues, because of the mixture of essences that I use to help him concentrate. So you know, it sounds unbelievable, but trust me, it works that you people don't even need to know that that is in the room. And it just lifts your, your energy completely in two different aspects. It's absolutely amazing how it works. I can maybe give you another example. We've got a dog called Fire. She's a Alaskan Malamute cross with a Husky. But she's eight years old, but very overweight, unfortunately. And I came into her life too late to stop but, anyway, she's very fat. And she's extremely grumpy. She will not play with other dogs, she wants to bite them she wants to growl. She doesn't hunt with him, we stay on it on a small farm. So all the dogs garden impacts and they, you know, they hunt a in a natural environment, she will have nothing to do with him. And what I do is, I actually call her she knows now what the bottle looks like. But I just put two bottle of drops, just two drops into a water bowl. And she licks that up, I promise you within 10 minutes, she's smiling again, her tail is wagging. She's running up and down. She's not nasty to the other dogs, and she starts hunting with him. She's a completely different dog. It's really, I wish I could show you a video of it. It's amazing. So whenever she gets grumpy, I say I joke with her and I say did you have your water and she'll look at the bottle and I put two drops into the water and she go licks it up. And really she's just a different dog.

    Nicole: 16:30

    So are flower essences something that we can make ourselves or is this something that requires some sort of equipment and in something that we would need to purchase,

    Maxine: 16:39

    It's actually very easy to do. And you can find it on Google as well, in my book also gives the whole recipe, my favorite way of doing it as it's what you're basically doing is water retains memory. Previously, we spoke quickly about the tears, the different emotions, they get trapped in tears. So water actually retains memory. So you will actually use the flowers and submerge them in the water and leave them in sunlight for at least two hours, I leave mine for about 46 hours. And you'll actually see little bubbles forming. And that that's when you know that that energy of that specific flower is trapped in the water. Obviously, you want to use a very pure water, if you can use rainwater, or from it from a stream, it's even better. Unfortunately, in our country, we don't always have the cleanest water, we use, you know, I use a bar purified water. And you actually trap it in there. And then you can set and then you've got your mother essence. And the amazing thing about essences is the less you use, the bigger the effect is. So fundamental essence, you'll actually make a smaller bottles, and you're actually diluted and diluted until you've got your dosage bottle. But there's also in my book, but even if you Google it hard to make flower essences, you'll see how easy it actually is. It's just a fact that we forgotten what nature is about. And all medication was derived from plants originally, yep, aspirin comes from the willow tree. And all they did was they took it to labs and they've put fillers in it or preservatives, so that you know to make money and and to increase the shelf life. Obviously natural products don't last that long. But every single medicine and even you emergency medicine as all. They don't have to originate from plants.

    Nicole: 18:23

    That's kind of one of the things that got me into looking at natural healing when I learned that digoxin which people take for afib. It's a pretty common medicine. And that comes straight from the foxglove plant and and so then I it kind of opened my eyes to you know, the fact that maybe essential oils and stuff wasn't just a bunch of hippie nonsense that there really was, you know, something more to it. And it's really helped increase the health of myself and my family.

    Maxine: 18:53

    Just remember that foxglove can be poisonous.

    Nicole: 18:59

    We don't take the foxglove it was just that correlation that, "Oh my gosh, this medication that's being prescribed to people's not a whole lot different than this flower that I have growing in my garden!"

    Maxine: 19:03

    Yes. And well, there's so many of them now, like aspirin is the most common one. What I want to say to you when you were talking about the symptoms and your your body gets thrown out of balance, always look at it almost like a Christmas tree. When you put a Christmas bobble on the one branch it droops and it actually pulls the the tree out of balance and then the other one is too high, then you put a bobble on that one and it pulls that branch down. And that is exactly what these medications with side effects do. You treat a symptom and it causes another side effects. Then they prescribe another pill for that. And that causes another side effect. And so the cycle just carries on. And in the meanwhile your kidneys are taking a knock and you know and you're actually poisoning your body. But if you can start just going back to nature and keeping your body in balance. You won't get sick I can't remember when the last time going to a doctor and medical doctor. I honestly can't. I grew up my grandfather, I actually grew up with my grandfather and great grandmother. And he was a dentist, but he studied homeopathy as well. And he was very big on tissue salts. So I grew up on tissue salts, that was the only medication I ever had, if I had a sore tummy or a graze or anything was wrong. They gave me tissue salts, and all that tissue salts are our basic minerals that are lacking in your body that's causing a symptom. And if you know exactly what that is, and you treat that problem, the symptom goes away. And that really works as well. I don't know if you're familiar with the tissue salts.

    Nicole: 20:41

    I have not heard of it before. No.

    Maxine: 20:43

    Okay, the tissue salts one to 12. And you can Google that as well. Schuessler tissue salts, it's very interesting, because it's, it's magnesium and as basic minerals that your body. And I had always suffered from nosebleeds as a child. And it was just a basic imbalance in my body and tissue salts, takes it away completely. So it's really getting back to the root of the problem and understanding that. And unfortunately, we were brought up just to look at symptoms, and you don't really look at where it's coming from originally.

    Nicole: 21:16

    I think it's really interesting to, you know, like a case study or, or whatever that I remember hearing was that the Salem witch trials, you know, they had these people that were just out of their mind. So then they did terrible things to them. And then looking back, they think that those psychoses were possibly from some spore of bread mold. And so I think that's a an example of, if they were able to figure out what was causing the issue, then it would have been something that they could have fixed and not persecuted people,

    Maxine: 21:50

    Another aspect of the witches. They were the healers. And it was actually frowned upon. And they were usually woman as well. And they worked with nature. So people didn't understand it. And it sounds funny, and even when I started speaking, you thought, you know, it's it's funny. But it's actually just understanding energy and nature around you. And they completely misunderstood it. But you must also understand not everybody has good intentions. So if they wanted to poison somebody, it was very easy to do. And you know there are hundreds of plants that can be very poisonous, if you understand how it works. There's a garden in the UK. And that's called the "Garden of Gift". And Google only go in with a guarded tour. And they've got all the other poisonous plants there, including Foxglove and the plant that actually makes rice and, and just a little drop of rice. And you have to have it internally though, in your bloodstream. But a little drop on a on a needle will kill you instantly. So obviously being healers and being close to nature, I think that understood those things as well. So it's misunderstood, but it's how things are changing. And it seems like everybody's tending to go back to nature. Now again, even with with cannabis, I mean, I'm a Master of Marijuana through the Cannabis Training University in the US. And I mean, that counts on its own as a as a conversation on its own. It's absolutely amazing.

    Nicole: 23:13

    Yeah, I had never even heard of that certification before. And here in Colorado, there's a pretty strong cannabis industry.

    Maxine: 23:20

    And you can Google it's called Cannabis Training University. They do courses online. So that's an it's also the only one that they accept in Australia as a qualification.

    Nicole: 23:31

    Oh, really? So is this like, healing with marijuana is that the case?

    Maxine: 23:36

    I'm interested in the medicinal side of it. And I have children as young as two years old and as people as old as 82 years old. And a lot of the children that I get present themselves with somebody on the autism spectrum. And it's, there's a hell of increase of it. It's, it's incredible. It's very sad to see. My husband's a photographer, and he does a lot of school photography, especially in crashes. And in the last three years, I can't tell you how many children are on some sort, somewhere on the spectrum. And the parents are really up in arms that I know what to do. So we put a lot of moms where they children and to help them with their issues. And a lot of the children react very well on on cannabis on the medicinal cannabis. And obviously I monitor the dosage and everything that we do on top of that, but because your body actually contains so many endocannabinoids the cannabinoids in the cannabis actually balances out everything inside your body. So it will even strengthen your heart muscles. I've got one little boy who's got Dushane disease, and it's a very rare disease. It's almost like multiple sclerosis. And they told him that he would definitely be in a wheelchair by the age of six. And I started seeing him when he was four years old. He was just I think he was diagnosed about six months before his mom brought into me, and he's just turned seven, and he's still not in a wheelchair, he still runs around in his, every year, they go for yearly checkups, and he's actually improving his heart muscles are stronger. It's actually amazing. It's just if you understand that your body needs to be in balance, and get rid of toxins. And that's another discussion on its own as well.

    Nicole: 25:22

    Sure. So you mentioned that you do some of these remote trainings, I think it would probably be fair to let people know that you don't live in the US, correct?

    Maxine: 25:32

    No, I don't. And I'm currently in South Africa, we are in the process of immigrating. We're just not sure where to. But I do online consultations for root cause analysis. And I just give advice, and I'll analyze it the medications that they're taking, try and find exactly where the problem is, and then advising from my side. And obviously, I can't ship any of my products, if it's outside of South Africa. I'll advise them of what to get and a way to get wherever they are internationally. Obviously, cannabis is not always an answer. If it's not legal in your state, you won't be able to use it. But there are a lot of other herbs that will mimic it. And cannabis is just almost like an all in one. If I can put it that way. It treats a lot of issues. But you can treat with any of the other herbs, you can still treat the problems. So it's not a, it's not a train smash, if it's not legal in your state.

    Nicole: 26:27

    So regardless of where people reside, they can at least reach out to you and get help from you. If that's something they choose to do. Yes, they can. And what's the best way to get ahold of you?

    Maxine: 26:38

    The easiest way is to send me an email. It's [email protected].

    Nicole: 26:44

    Okay. And we'll put that in the show notes as well.

    Maxine: 26:46

    Okay, and just in the subject line to say, evaluation request. So I know it doesn't, doesn't get lost within all the thousands that I get. I know it's an evaluation. And it's, it's quite urgent. And that takes about a day maximum they will to depends on how busy I am. And I write up a whole report to explain exactly all the aspects and then my recommendations where you can start.

    Nicole: 27:10

    Okay, let's definitely sounds like something I'd like to work with you about too.

    Nicole: 27:14

    Okay, I'll offer you one for free, please send me an email, and I'll send you the form and I'll do it for you for free. And then I think I think you will be a great example, to see exactly where the root causes are. And then yes, you can do a follow up later on. If you want to.

    Nicole: 27:30

    Great and your books. Can you tell us about the your books again, what the titles are,

    Maxine: 27:35

    Okay, the first one is called the "Healing Garden 50, Flowers and Herbs". And it's also available on Amazon, in print and in Kindle. And then I wrote "Flower Essences" corresponding with "The Healing Garden". So that's the full name of it. But if you in Amazon, if you search, you could just also just add my name, Maxine, it will pop up as well. And just I also mentioned I did write a series for children. Because I think it's very important to teach children from a very young age to appreciate nature natural healing, and it's very difficult to do that and exciting way. So I wrote a book series for for kids ages five to 12, depending on the literacy level, and if you're going to be reading it to them with a reading themselves, and it's an adventure with Freya, a dog where they go on all these adventures together and something happens. And then they treat it naturally with plants that they find. And then also they have puzzles to fall in, you know, to test your literacy and your knowledge and all of that. And then also a lot of recipes that you as a parent can do with your kids, which pulls a lot of family time as well. And that that came out with rain ranting and raving reviews. So I'm glad that went off well, and that's called the "Herb Chronicles: Adventures with Freya".

    Nicole: 28:48

    Okay, great. And then I'll put all those in the show notes as well so that people can find them or get the titles to look for them online.

    Maxine: 28:56

    And I thank you I appreciate that. Are there any other questions from your side, Nicole, they must be millions because there's quite a complex? It's such a complex subjects, I can talk forever.

    Nicole: 29:06

    I have so many questions. I feel like we could probably make multiple series that just off off the things that we've talked about today. But in an attempt to reduce mental overload, I think that that's probably a good place to leave things for today.

    Maxine: 29:23

    So if you make a list and we can you tell me what topic you want, we can definitely do this again.

    Nicole: 29:28

    I'd love to, I'd love to.

    Maxine: 29:30

    Okay, thank you, Nicole. I really appreciate it. I'm very glad that electricity and everything payed well from our side. Great place.

    Nicole: 29:37

    Yes, we definitely had some challenges in connecting. But I'm glad that things were able to work out. I really enjoyed talking to you. And, and this has been really informative and I appreciate it.

    Maxine: 29:48

    Thank you, Nicole.

    Nicole: 29:49

    And for those of you listening, thank you so much for joining us for another episode and we'll see you again next week.

    Announcer: 29:56

    Thank you for listening to Backyard Bounty, a podcast by Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a review. If you have a question you'd like us to answer on the show. please email us at "[email protected]". Also find us on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube at Heritage Acres Market. All the links mentioned in this podcast will be included in the description. See you again next week!

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