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12+ Exciting Holiday Gifts For Chicken Lovers (2020)

Gifts For Chicken Lovers

Gifts For Chicken Lovers

It may be mid August, but the holidays will be here before you know it! It is never too early to start your gift shopping for loved ones.

This year has seen a huge increase in backyard chicken owners. So, what makes the best gifts for chicken lovers?

Take a look at these 12+ exciting gift ideas hand picked to make your holiday shopping easier!

Henny + Roo subscription box

Subscription boxes are all the rage, but have you heard of Henny + Roo ? These carefully curated boxes combine goodies for chickens and their keepers, so there is something for everyone. I absolutely adore these boxes, and can’t wait for them to arrive each month filled with incredible surprises.

Past boxes have included a variety of chicken treats, chicken themed jewelry and apparel, various decor and so much more. Monthly boxes start at only $19.99!

Plans for a new coop

When I first added chickens to my hobby farm, I had a quaint coop for 4-6 chickens. Well, it wasn’t too long before I had 10 chickens. Then 20. Then 40…. and I needed a bigger coop.

Fortunately, I was able to find some fantastic blueprints that made building the coop incredibly simple.

I highly recommend these Chicken Coop Building Plans. Plus, if you use this special affiliate link and the coupon code below, you’ll save 15% off anything in the store (up to $13.95 value)!

Discount Code: HeritageAcres

Rainbow mealworms

Mealworms are a fun and nutritious treat for chickens! While some choose to raise their own mealworms, others would rather not bother.

You can pick up 2000 mealworms for about $10 (plus shipping), making them an inexpensive treat.

If you use this special affiliate link, you’ll save 10% off your order.

Nipple waterers

My LEAST favorite chicken chore is dealing with winter water. It freezes. It spills. It needs to be refilled. It’s the worst!

And then I found chicken nipples. Yes, you read that right.

Chicken nipple waterers work in a similar manner as a hamster bottle. But instead of pushing on a metal ball to get water, chicken nipples use a spring loaded pin.

Chicken nipple waterers can be used on a 5 gallon bucket so water doesn’t need to be refilled as often, plus they don’t freeze in the winter making life a LOT easier (but the water in the bucket can still freeze, so you’ll need a submersible heater).

They also decrease water waste (no wet bedding), and decrease the spread of diseases.

Chicken nipple waterers are really just the ideal waterer all around!

Do know that not all chicken watering nipples are made the same however. Only Heritage Acres sells the original nipple made in Denmark with premium quality materials, and comes with a Lifetime Leak Free Guarantee. All other lookalikes are made in China.

Boredom buster toy

Chickens can get bored, especially if they are not allowed to free range daily. Boredom can lead to feather picking, cannibalism, and just unhappy chickens.

A great way to keep hens entertained is a boredom buster toy!

There are many to choose from, but I personally prefer the treat skewer and rolling treat dispensers.

Chicken Xylophone

Have you seen the viral video of the chickens playing a xylophone? If not, here ya go-

Now that the world NEEDS xylophones for their flock, you can find some great pet quality xylophones like this that are made specifically for chickens.

Sloggers Shoes

Sloggers shoes make coop cleaning and garden chores stylish and fun! These easy to slip on shoes keep your day to day shoes clean and keep your feet dry when filling waterers or trudging through snow or mud.

They are available in 3 comfortable styles and 2 different exciting chicken prints, and make great gifts for chicken lovers.

A great read

While websites like Heritage Acres Market are a great place to learn about chickens, sometimes we just need a great, old fashioned book.

There are many to choose from, but this one by Gail Damerow is my personal favorite. It is an all inclusive book that covers topics like breed selection, coops, feed and nutrition, health and treatments, and even showing chickens.

Egg skelter

Egg skelters are the cute little spiral egg holders that adorn farmhouse kitchens. They make it easy and convenient to grab fresh eggs for the next meal, but are also a great way to display the gorgeous eggs on ones countertop.

Chicken poop lip balm

Ok, let’s start by saying that there is NO chicken poop in this lip balm. That said, Chicken Poop Lip Balm is a nourishing, wonderfully scented lip balm that’s perfect for chicken folks with a sense of humor.

It also makes a great stocking stuffer!

Automatic coop door

If you are looking for a more expensive gift for a loved one, Automatic Chicken Coop doors are sure to please. These timer based doors open and close to allow chickens access to free range.

By adding an automatic coop door, it eliminates the need to wake up early to open the coops door, or be home at a certain time every evening to close the coop. It also makes vacationing much easier!

There are a few different brands to choose from, but I really like this one because it’s battery powered (no need for an outlet), military grade to protect from predators, and will work in all temperature extremes.

Egg Apron

Egg aprons are cute half aprons for collecting eggs with many individual pockets. They are great for kids and adults alike.

While egg baskets work too, aprons are a more delicate means to collect eggs and are less likely to crack or break thanin a basket.


Gifts For Chicken Lovers

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