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Heritage Acres Market LLC

Poultry Watering Bucket

$ 20.00

Interested in the easiest way to hydrate your birds? Our bucket waterers offer high capacity storage and leak proof poultry nipples. That means you can provide clean, healthy water for your birds with minimal fill ups. Suitable for chick brooders and coops alike. Available in two sizes, 2 and 5 gallons, based upon your needs.

  • Choose 2 gallons or 5 gallons
  • 4 leak proof poultry nipples per bucket
  • Horizontal nipples allow the bucket to be placed on a block, unlike vertical nipples
  • Suitable for chicks 1 week and older
  • Each bucket easily waters 8-12+ birds
  • Pair with a bucket heater or heated bucket set for easy winter watering

 Want to make your own? Poultry nipples are available here


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