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Press Release- October 22, 2016

Heritage Acres Market Offers Backyard Beehive Hosting and Specialty Poultry at Affordable Prices in Colorado

PUEBLO WEST, COLORADO (October 21, 2016) – Patrick and Nicole Gennetta, proud owners of a small farm in Pueblo West, Colorado, who have come up with a unique way to popularize eco-friendly farming and animal husbandry education. Their company, Heritage Acres Market LLC, offers specialty poultry, honeybees and educational courses in animal husbandry at affordable rates. The company also provides free services of removing swarms of honey bees in Pueblo County to anyone requiring such help. Moreover, owning to their efforts, the owners have become proud members of the Colorado State Beekeepers Association, Colorado Proud and Pikes Peak Beekeepers Association.

Products available at Heritage Acres Market include farm supplies, chickens, Guinea fowl, honeybees, courses and educational material (related to farming), home and kitchen products, worms, and vintage collectables. The company also offers an interesting range of services for existing and aspiring farmers. These include:

  • Guinea Fowl Sales: Heritage Acres Market offers a French Guinea stock received from a NPIP certified hatchery and carefully raised on their farm.
  • Day Old Chicks: The chicks at Heritage Acres Market are bred, incubated and hatched at the farm. The chicks are sold on straight run (male and female mix), and offer several breeds.
  • Coturnix Quail: Jumbo Coturnix quail are available from hatching eggs, chicks, or adult breeding stock.
  • Egg Hatching Package: This rental offered by Heritage Acres Market includes educating its customers on the entire process of egg hatching including the right temperature and environment required for chick hatching.
  • Educational Programs: Heritage Acres Market offers personal, hands on classes as well ad web based courses on a multitude of topics from Honeybees to chickens, quail and more.
  • The Host-A-Hive Program: This new program by Heritage Acres Market will start from 2017 and it comes with several affordable options for those interested in keeping honeybees. One can either physically take part in the program by wearing proper suit before getting close to the bees, or just watch the owners as they provide information on how to take care of honeybees and their hives as well as how to extract honey and beeswax. This program provides great opportunity not only to residential farmers but also to hotels, restaurants, parks as well as businesses. One can offer fresh honeycomb to the clients or sell honey in the market or gift shop with one’s brand labeled on the bottles. Also, since the program involves managing bees through sustainable practices in natural environment the honeycomb, wax and honey obtained will be pure and fresh. As a child or an adult, one must make the most of this program as the professionals at Heritage Acres Market LLC will provide proper education and information regarding beekeeping in a natural environment.

Learn more about Heritage Acres Market Products and Services by visiting


Heritage Acres Market LLC

Nicole Gennetta

(719) 299-0993

[email protected]

448 S McCulloch Blvd #1025

Pueblo West, CO 81007



A-Grade Sustainable Products, Educational Courses and Free Honeybee Swarm Removal Available At Heritage Acres Market LLC.

For press inquiries, please contact Nicole Gennetta

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