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Host a Bee Hive in Your Backyard!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a beehive in your own backyard? Have you dreamt of harvesting your own honey? Would you like more fruitful gardens? Or maybe you’d just like to help the struggling bee populations?

Check out our Host-A-Hive program! With several affordable options to choose from, you can Host-A-Hive that is either fully managed by us so you never have to get close to the bees, or you can suit up and join us!

Not only will a hive in your yard benefit you in a number of ways, it also adds a great conversation piece. All of our options include fall honey that you can keep or give as delightful holiday gifts. Everyone loves honey!

Promote Sustainable Living

Host-A-Hive is also an excellent opportunity for restaurants, hotels, parks, and businesses! Offer cut honeycomb to your clients. Sell your branded honey in your gift shop. Gift honey to clients and team members. Wow them with your sustainable practices and environmental contribution.

We manage our bees with completely natural, sustainable practices. We do not medicate or chemically treat our bees, so you’ll receive the freshest and healthiest raw honey, honeycomb and wax possible.

Why should I Host-A-Hive?

  • Imagine the elegant touch of fresh cut honeycomb, sourced from your own backyard or corporate location
  • Honey has many medicinal properties and may reduce seasonal allergies
  • Experience a significant increase in garden yields and flower production
  • Unfiltered, raw honey for yourself or as gifts
  • Pure beeswax for body care products or candles
  • Unique educational opportunity for children and adults

Map of Current Hive Locations

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Thank you for your interest in the Host-A-Hive program! Please note that we are fully booked and are not currently accepting any additional applications.

Host-A-Hive Options

We offer three different Host-A-Hive package options depending on your interests!

Fully Managed

We take care of everything

You may receive up to 10 pounds of honey and 1 lb wax from your hive

25% discount on additional hives (2 is recommended)

$35 per month/billed annually or $40 per month/billed monthly


We manage the hive and you assist us.

You may receive up to 20 pounds of honey and 2 lbs wax from your hive

Suit up and perform inspections with us!

$65 per month/billed annually or $75 per month/billed monthly


We take care of everything

You or your host may receive up to 10 pounds of honey and 1 lb wax from your hive

$35 per month/billed annually or $40 per month/billed monthly

Apply Now


✔ Full hive maintenance (if applicable)✔ Honey from your hosted hive✔ Transport costs
✔ Honey extraction & bottling✔ Regular checks of hive activity✔ Pollination of your property
✔ Regular inspection for disease✔ Hive equipment✔ Discounts on additional honey


Host-A-Hive Billing and Payments

Payment for hosting packages can be done monthly, or yearly for a discount. Please keep in mind that all hosting packages have a one year commitment. Moving bees midseason is very hard on the hive. If you decide to cancel your contract, you may incur a cancellation fee and forfeit your honey and beeswax allotment. Billing details can be discussed more in person.

Why shouldn’t I just buy a beehive and do it myself?

Hosting a beehive has numerous benefits. Beekeeping has a hefty upfront investment, approximately $800 for one beehive, bees and associated equipment. If the hive suddenly dies due to Colony Collapse Disorder, we will replace the hive at no cost to you. Additionally, by hosting a hive you will be able to learn from a seasoned beekeeper.

However, if you would still like to take on beekeeping on your own, we do sell a limited number of bees and beehives.

Do I need to worry about Africanized bees?

Not at all. All of our bees are feral swarms and are not Africanized. If we have a hive that has a poor attitude, we are able to requeen the hive thereby correcting their behavior. Furthermore, Africanized bees are extremely rare in Colorado, unlike hotter climates like California and Arizona.

Do you chemically treat you bees?

Absolutely not! All of our beehives are completely free or synthetic chemicals. We even allow our bees to make their own wax! In rare events we will feed sugar syrup to the bees, but only if we feel they would not survive without it.

This is what makes our honey and beeswax so special. Most beekeepers use nasty chemicals on their beehives to maximize honey production and thus profits. We believe that healthy bees are more important than buckets of honey.

What makes your bees, beehives and beeswax and honey different?

First, we only use feral bees that we captured as swarms. Feral bees have adapted themselves to our local environment, and have proven their ability to thrive and resist disease.

Next, we never use synthetic chemicals in our hives. We believe that healthy bees are more important than buckets of honey.

Lastly, we allow the bees to make 100% of their own beeswax. Most beekeepers use frames with plastic or pressed wax foundation. We use frames with no foundation and allow the bees to create their own. This results in smaller bees, like nature intended. Since the bees create the wax, we can offer you premium honeycomb, too.

What happens if my beehive dies?

This is one of the many advantages of hosting a hive.

As you may know, the bee population is struggling. Colony Collapse Disorder occurs when the entire hive dies spontaneously. Researchers are still trying to figure out what causes Colony Collapse Disorder, but the probable cause is pesticides and/or mites. In any event, if the hosted hive dies due to reasons other than Host interference, we will replace your hive.

If you purchased an established hive or our beginner package, we are not able to replace your hive.

How much honey and beeswax can I expect to receive from my hive?

Beehive production can vary significantly from hive to hive. As such, we cannot gurantee a delivery of wax or honey, though we will do out best to do so!

In the event that your hive does not thrive, we will do our best to substitute with honey and wax from a neighboring hive. You will also be given the opportunity to purchase surplus honey and wax from your hive at a discounted rate.

I do not live in Pueblo. Can I still Host-A-Hive?

If you live outside of Pueblo, we may still be able to offer our services. Please contact us to discuss things further.

Where can a hive be placed?

Beehives can be placed almost anywhere- in a backyard, on a rooftop, downtown shopping center, etc. Since bees travel many miles for honey and nectar, placement options are limitless!

How much space do I need for a hive?

Each hive has a footprint of about 2 square feet. We like to place hives about 10 square feet from regular traffic and activity, but each location is unique. We offer free, no obligation consultations so don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in hosting a hive.

I have small children and pets. Is it safe for me to Host-A-Hive?

Yes, absolutely! We will evaluate your location and determine the best location for your hive(s). Bees are typically quite passive. If you have a small area, there are provisions that can be made to alter the bees flight patterns. Additionally, bees are an excellent educational opportunity for children.

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