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FREE Honey Bee Swarm Removal

Heritage Acres Market LLC is proud to offer free honey bee swarm removal in Pueblo County & surrounding areas!

Honey bees swarm from about April- August. These swarms make large clumps of bees ranging from softball to basketball size. Swarms may gather in trees or bushes, fences, on the side of a building, under an overhang, on a vehicle, or even on the ground.

If you find a swarm like the ones pictured below, we ask that you call or text us promptly at (719) 627-3647. These swarms may stay for good, or they may move along. We also ask that, if possible, you carefully take a photo to share with us so we can help to identify if they are in fact honey bees and any obstacles that may be involved in removing them.

We can only remove bees if they have clumped up like these pictures. We are not able to remove bees that are flying around, visiting your plants, pond, birdbath or hot tub. Please note we will only remove honey bees, and are not able to remove wasps, carpenter bees or bumblebees.

Don’t call the exterminator or pest control who will kill the bees! Bees we remove will not be killed. Instead, they will be given a loving home in our apiary.

Free services are for honey bee swarms located outside only. Honey bees in a structure will be evaluated for difficulty, in which there may be a fee or you may be referred to another entity.

Swarms we have captured in Pueblo County

Below are NOT bees or bee swarms, although they look similar

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